Newspaper Obituaries

An obituary is a customary way of notifying friends and family that your loved one has passed and typically includes information about their life history, family members, and memorial services that will be held. It is a wonderful opportunity to share more about what makes your loved one's life so memorable and why they will be missed.

Our website provides a FREE Tribute Page for each cremation service prepared through This allows your family to publish a self-written obituary that will appear online and can be shared with family and friends. However, many families also choose to publish their loved one’s obituary in a local newspaper. Our Cremation Service Providers are very familiar with this process and will be happy to assist your family in writing and publishing an obituary in the local newspaper of your choice. Please contact your Cremation Service Provider for specific pricing information.

If you do not already have a relationship with a SimpleCremationOnline Service Provider, please click here to view our map and contact a direct cremation service provider near you.