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Direct cremation services allow families the ultimate flexibility in remembering and honoring the life of a loved one. Cremation services provided by the expert Service Providers here at SimpleCremationOnline deliver the freedom and resources to determine the memorial options and cremation costs that are right for your family and budget.

For complete funeral arrangements, including cremation services, your qualified, local Cremation Service Provider is ready to answer any questions and counsel you on your options—either by phone or email. With our convenient, affordable cremation services, no visit to a funeral home is ever required.

We are here to help you through every step of the cremation process, and can provide tips on writing obituaries, provide options for cremation urns, inurnment and ash-scattering ceremonies, and help you plan incredibly thoughtful and unique memorials. We are here to help show you how our low-cost cremation services allow for truly personal remembrances at a pace and budget that's completely in your hands.

“obituary, provides a personalized tribute page for all families using our online cremation services. Most families also want to share that obituary with their local newspaper.

plan memorial services and celebrations

The options for post-cremation memorial services, ash-scattering ceremonies, and celebrations of life are limitless.

buy cremation urns online

Selecting a cremation urn is a deeply personal decision, and your Service Provider can show you the many different options available.

buy cremation jewelry online

Memorial jewelry is a distinct option only available in cremation arrangements. It’s a truly personal way to keep your loved one’s remains with you wherever you go.