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Plummer Funeral Home, Augusta, ME

Plummer Funeral Home, Maine has been around over a hundred years, with four licensed funeral directors and a highly valued staff that are ready to help you make the right decision regarding funeral arrangements. When it comes to caring for a loved one or helping take care of your pre-planning arrangements, Plummer Funeral Home is here to take care of you. Plummer Funeral Home offers personalized funeral service and cremation options such as burial or graveside services, cremation services, memorial services, specialty services, and a remembrance process to help with grief.

Plummer Funeral Home was bought by Leo J. Murphy in 1962. It has expanded since then, and in 1975, Leo’s son Patrick joined the staff. He became president of the corporation in 1997. His brother, Michael, also joined the funeral home in 1988, and he was elected vice president in 1997.

Plummer Funeral Home is not just any funeral home. With its traditional values and highly professional, friendly, and loving staff, this family-run business is the first choice for hundreds of families each year. Plummer Funeral Home is proud to embrace traditional values, diversity, and innovation when it comes to honoring the spirit and life of each family they serve.

At Plummer Funeral Home, you can design the most fitting memorial or funeral service to honor the memory and pay tribute to the life achievements and experiences of your loved one.

Cremation, one of the many options, allows a family the flexibility they might need when planning and preparing for a memorial service, celebration of life, or a scattering ceremony. While the cremation process can occur almost immediately, the decisions required in planning a memorial for a loved one can be made in a relaxed, more comfortable way through SimpleCremationOnline.

Cremation Services Provided by Plummer Funeral Home ME

Plummer Funeral Home Maine works alongside SimpleCremationOnline to deliver quality assistance and cremation services that are exemplary – professional and catered to allow you to arrange these services from your home. Your loved ones are handled with the greatest care, and highly professional and ethical staff ensure that your loved one obtains the respect they deserve.

When appearing at the place of death, Plummer Funeral Home’s staff will display the epitome of professionalism, highlighted by their conduct and impressive dress code. Transfer of the body will be provided by a dependable and specially fitted vehicle, which will ensure that your loved one is properly secured through the entire process.

After your loved one is transferred to the crematory, a member of Plummer Funeral Home’s professional staff will ensure that this entire process meets SimpleCremationOnline’s high level of expected quality and standards. All of your requests will be followed to Plummer Funeral Home’s utmost ability.

We ensure a positive identification of your loved one by having a family member confirm this for us before the cremation is performed. A secure online Posi-ID Portal is normally used to complete this process.

The beginning of the cremation process will then be monitored by Plummer Funeral Home’s staff to acknowledge and to take notice of the remains that you will obtain.

Losing a loved one is extremely difficult, and we realize the stress and strain that you may be under as a family. We want you to know that at Plummer Funeral Home and SimpleCremationOnline, we are here for you in every way we can be.

Patrick Murphy & Mike Murphy
(207) 613-4182
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Plummer Funeral Home

16 Pleasant Street
Augusta ME, 04330
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