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Cremation Services Mulnomah County, OR

Why Cremation?

In offering cremation service in Portland, Beaverton and Happy Valley, Oregon, Holman’s Funeral & Cremation Service recognizes the significance of the work we oversee. Our funeral home helps your family in making the right decision in final arrangements that meet your unique needs, within your budget and with convenient and thorough arrangements.

While many families still opt for traditional funerals and burials, an increasing number of consumers are now choosing a simple, direct cremation without visitation hours or a funeral or memorial service at the time of passing. Direct cremation is a convenient and affordable alternative when compared to traditional funeral services. What better way to honor a loved one’s life than by laying them to rest in a dignified manner – a direct cremation. This gives you the ability to adequately plan the way in which you want to celebrates their life, their memory and that pays tribute to the imprint they have left on the lives of so many family members and friends? While there are various types of funeral services to choose from, a simple cremation service is a top choice for many families seeking compassionate final care that respectfully honors the life of their loved one.

During this difficult time, cremation is a decision that many families make as they seek out the assistance of a funeral home they can trust. While online cremation is a service on its own, it could be part of other funeral services in the future (near or further down the road) which still allow family and friends to celebrate the life of their beloved.

Committed to Providing Meaningful Services

Oregon families can experience peace of mind knowing that their loved ones will be under the custody of a caring funeral home in Multnomah County, Holman’s Funeral & Cremation Service. The exceptional funeral home staff will handle every detail of the cremation service with care, ensuring the entire process meets all of the family’s needs. We offer a professional service where the funeral director understand the sensitive nature of what the family is experiencing. We are committed to taking the care and time needed to help guide the decision-making process. This includes listening to the family’s concerns with empathy and a personal commitment to provide a meaningful memorial service. The dedicated funeral home staff will gladly explain the cremation options that are available and provide support in answering any questions the family may have.

A Wide Selection of Benefits

Our goal is to provide a meaningful and affordable cremation service that meets your needs. We want to make sure you receive only the best care possible. This is why we offer so many additional benefits when using our simple, online service. For instance, we offer an innovative guarantee, Cremation with Confidence, which ensures a loved one’s remains will be tracked, identified and returned to the rightful family. Online cremation provides flexibility for the family who may want to transport their loved one’s remains to their home or other location of significance. We also offer many flexible options for final resting places. There is also the added flexibility of traditional burials, mausoleum placements and scattering of cremated remains. Finally, online cremation makes it simple to choose among a wide catalog selection of decorative urns and even keepsake jewelry cremation for a one-of-a-kind commemoration that is a direct reflection of your loved one’s life and memory.

For families who are in search of a caring, understanding and highly knowledgeable funeral home staff, contact Holman’s Funeral & Cremation Service today. Holman’s Funeral & Cremation Service offers cremation services in Multnomah County and other surrounding communities including: Bridal Veil, Corbett, Fairview, Interlachen, Wood Village, Damascus, Gresham, Springdale, Troutdale, Maywood Park, Parkrose, Burlington, and Rockwood. With a convenient process and years of experience, Holman’s Funeral & Cremation Service is committed to helping families make final arrangements that celebrate the life of their loved one.

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