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Quality Affordable Cremation Service Waldo County, ME

Welcome to SimpleCremationOnline.com. We’re here to help you make complete cremation arrangements from the comfort of your own home. That’s right, there’s no need to ever visit a funeral home, but rest assured, we are right here if you need us.

Plummer Funeral Home Maine is a select cremation service provider of SimpleCremationOnline.com, and we will oversee every step of your arrangements. It’s easy to get started. Just click the link below to answer a few short questions, and you’ll receive an instant cost estimate. You confirm your choices and then decide to pay now or later. It’s that simple.

We are also available to help you make special tribute or memorial arrangements and would welcome the opportunity to speak with you at any time. Please call us at(207) 613-4182.

We look forward to serving you.

Cremation Services Belfast, Searsport and Lincolnville, ME

Plummer Funeral Home realizes that planning a funeral is an important step toward healing. A funeral is a chance for family and friends to gather in support of one another and say goodbye to someone very special. Plummer Funeral Home is committed to working with families in the Waldo County region to remember their loved ones in a meaningful way.

Founded by Henry W. Plummer in 1898, the original Plummer Funeral Home was started in a small office in Augusta. It was moved to its current location in 1920 and has been routinely upgraded to reflect the state-of-the-art facilities that exist today. Additionally, a second facility was opened in Windsor, Maine in 2003.

Belfast Cremation

Belfast was settled by Scotch-Irish families in 1770. In the 1800s, its proximity to the waterfront made it a major hub of maritime commerce, including shipbuilding. By the 1950s, the city had become rich in industry, and during the 1980s Belfast was rebirthed as an artist community featuring many restored homes and commercial buildings. Attractions in the area include the Belfast and Moosehead Lake Railway, Belfast Harbor Fest, Arts in the Park, and the Maine Celtic Celebration. The Plummer Funeral Home is honored to serve the City of Belfast.

Cremation in Searsport

The Plummer Funeral Home often serves the families of Searsport. The City of Searsport enjoys 10 breathtaking miles of coastline on Penobscot Bay, which has contributed heavily to the town’s development. In the 1800s, Searsport thrived on shipbuilding and cargo handling. By World War II, the town had turned its attention to chemical and petroleum shipping. Visitors to the town can tour the Penobscot Marine Museum and view the treasures brought back from all around the world by sea captains. Families can enjoy the Searsport Shores Ocean Campground on the picturesque Maine harbors.

Lincolnville Cremation Services

The vibrant coastal community of Lincolnville features the sandy beaches of Penobscot Bay, a number of lakes and ponds, and scenic mountains and hiking trails. The city was originally settled in 1770 and was known as the Plantation of Canaan and Ducktrap at that time. It was not until 1802 that the city would be founded as Lincolnville. Visitors can tour a number of artist galleries, wineries, and microbreweries. The Plummer Funeral Home serves the City of Lincolnville.

The Plummer Funeral Home also is proud to offer their services to the communities of Belmont, Brooks, Burnham, Frankfort, Freedom, Islesboro, Jackson, Knox, Liberty, Lincolnville Center, Monroe, Montville, Morrill, Northport, Palermo, Prospect, Sandy Point, Searsmont, Stockton Springs, Swanville, Thorndike, Troy, Unity, Waldo, and Winterport.

On Cremation

Cremation is an available option for the final disposition of the remains of the deceased. Through a process of heat and evaporation, remains are rendered to small fragments that are then processed into a fine powder. In a traditional burial, remains are slowly oxidized, whereas with cremation a rapid oxidation takes place.

Cremation is a popular and growing option for a number of reasons, including environmental concerns, affordability, and traditions related to religions and creeds. Choosing cremation allows for the preservation of resources required in traditional burial, including already limited green space.

In addition, because families may choose to forego the embalming and viewing stage when choosing cremation, the costs associated with funeral care can be reduced. This can help ease stress at an already difficult time.

Some religions, such as the Hindu and Sikh faiths, choose cremation because they believe that cremation releases the spirit from the body. The entire cremation process is typically completed within three hours. Each cremation takes place individually. There are a set of very strict protocols in place to ensure proper identification and respectful and dignified handling.

Choosing cremation does not mean that a family may not have a full funeral service with a public or private viewing, if so desired. A funeral and a viewing can still take place and cremation can be performed after the service is complete. Families may also choose to have service after the cremation has been performed. Many families choose a memorial service at graveside or at a ceremonial garden where the cremated remains will be interred. Others may choose a committal or scattering ceremony at a place that was special to their loved one. If it is the family’s wish, all or a portion of the cremated remains can be returned to the family’s care.

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