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The J. F. Floyd Mortuary

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The J. F. Floyd Mortuary, Spartanburg, SC

The J. F. Floyd Mortuary began its operations in 1886, and it has now spent 130 years caring for families from all walks of life, religions, and ethnicities. The J. F. Floyd Mortuary believes that it is a privilege to serve families and help them design and arrange a service and/or celebration that reflects the life that was lived.

Both traditional burials and cremation are options, and memorial services, if any, are tailored to individual desire. J. F. Floyd Mortuary invites families to honor their loved one’s life by offering a variety of choices that recognize the deceased’s unique personality, such as traditional tributes, patriotic tributes, bringing the family together, playing a reminiscent card game, and much more. It also offers keepsakes like urns, pots, or cremation jewelry.

J. F. Floyd Mortuary can even help with pet services. Also available are private cremations, viewing cremations, individual cremations, or communal cremation. Whatever final arrangement option is chosen, J. F. Floyd helps people to remember and respect their loved one’s life and memory.

Cremation Services Provided by the J. F. Floyd Mortuary

The J. F. Floyd Mortuary and SimpleCremationOnline work together to provide simple, efficient options for cremation services from the comfort of your own home. Rest assured, the deceased will be handled with the utmost professional care.

All employees are always dressed and prepped to treat the deceased with great dignity. From the respectful transfer of the body to the well-maintained, secure transfer vehicle, your loved one will be cared for in every way possible.

Once the person has arrived at the crematory, our staff is responsible for tracking every movement to ensure that there are no errors. We offer a unique service that allows peace of mind in identification, the Posi-ID Portal. Within this area of SimpleCremationOnline, you are able to make an online positive identification of your loved one, ensuring complete confidence that you are receiving the correct Cremated Remains. Before the cremation, one last ID is performed by a senior member of the staff to make 100% sure that you receive the correct remains.

The J. F. Floyd Mortuary and SimpleCremationOnline would like you to know we are here with you throughout this difficult time and are ready to assist you in every way.

Scott Fowler, Funeral Director
(864) 501-5485
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The J. F. Floyd Mortuary

235 N. Church Street
Spartanburg SC, 29306
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