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Affordable Cremation Johnson County, IN

Welcome to SimpleCremationOnline.com. We’re here to help you make complete cremation arrangements from the comfort of your own home. That’s right, there’s no need to ever visit a funeral home, but rest assured, we are right here if you need us.

Daniel F. O'Riley Indiana is a select service provider of SimpleCremationOnline.com, and we will oversee every step of your arrangements. It’s easy to get started. Just click the link below to answer a few short questions, and you’ll receive an instant cost estimate. You confirm your choices and then decide to pay now or later. It’s that simple.

We are also available to help you make special tribute or memorial arrangements and would welcome the opportunity to speak with you at any time. Please call us at (317) 434-1218.

We look forward to serving you.

Cremation Services Greenwood, Franklin and Pleasant, IN

CornfieldThe staff at Daniel F. O'Riley Funeral Home understands that life is full of opportunities to show and express to someone just how much they mean to you. One of the last opportunities to do something for a loved one is in the form of a funeral or memorial service, which allows you to celebrate the choices that they have made, the relationship that you have fostered throughout the years, and to honor the memory of them without reserve. Daniel F. O'Riley Funeral Home can walk you and your family through the process, providing guidance and counseling at each step of the way to ensure that your selection shows just how much your loved one meant to you.

Daniel F. O'Riley Funeral Home provides funeral services, traditional burial services, cremation services, permanent memorialization, monuments and markets, and even pet services. One of the most common ways families choose to handle their loved ones after they pass is through cremation. Becoming more and more popular in the recent years, cremation is chosen for a plethora of reasons such as religious beliefs, environmental concerns, affordability, and ease, among others. Daniel F. O'Riley Funeral Home understands that selecting to cremate your loved one does not in any way diminish the healing experience that you and your family will need. That is why they recommend that you have funeral services and even a burial or scattering of your loved one’s ashes after the cremation occurs.

In order to ensure that the dignity and sanctity of life is protected every step of the way in the cremation process, Daniel F. O'Riley Funeral Home has Mooresville’s only on-site crematory. Having a crematory on-site allows the staff and workers at Daniel F. O'Riley to serve the surrounding community areas in a very a personal and professional manner, while keeping costs as low as possible for the grieving families. With the ability to oversee and control the entirety of the cremation process, from start to finish, you can ensure that your loved one will be in the best possible hands when selecting cremation.

When the time comes, Daniel F. O'Riley Funeral Home does not want you to stress over how best to remember your loved one. When you are ready, contact SimpleCremationOnline. Daniel F. O'Riley Funeral Home is a funeral home where their directors can provide around-the-clock care, counseling, and guidance in making decisions regarding the services you would like to hold. Allow their family to help yours in this trying time.

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