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Holman Funeral Home, Ozark, AL

Holman Funeral Home has professionally served the Coffee, Dale, Geneva, Henry, Houston, and Pike area for the past 85 years. Holman Funeral Home offers extensive experience and guidance on all final arrangements and strives to relieve any stress and anxiety so that bereaved families can concentrate on mourning their loved ones.

At Holman Funeral Home, you will find comfort in knowing that you will be aided by trained professionals every step of the way. The staff will individualize every service and monitor the process to ensure that the environment fulfills your demands. The staff will act and behave in a manner consistent with the dignity and respect that your loved one deserves.

Cremation services can be performed with an optional service. Every cremation that is performed is documented with and verified by highly trained staff to ensure that proper steps are taken.

Holman Funeral Home oversees the entire process. No one from outside of Holman Funeral Home will be handling any part of the process without the presence of a Holman professional.

Holman Funeral Home, Alabama is extremely flexible. For example, Holman Funeral Home is prepared to perform a memorial service before, at the time of, or during the presentation of the urn to the family. The location of funeral services is also dependent on your needs. Whether it is at the location of your worship, the funeral home itself, cemetery, or an outside location, Holman Funeral Home is ready to take the appropriate course of action to fulfill your needs.

Cremation Services Provided by Holman Funeral Home, AL

Holman Funeral Home has collaborated with SimpleCremationOnline to provide you with the assistance that you need to arrange a cremation for your loved one from the comfort of your own residence.

We realize the love and devotion you have for your loved one, and we will ensure that the utmost respect and care will be afforded to them. We demand the highest standards of professionalism and quality from staff to meet the high ethical requirements of SimpleCremationOnline.

At the place of death, Holman Funeral Home staff guarantees to exhibit nothing but proper conduct and dress that provide your loved one with a dignity that befits their life. Transfer of the body will entail your loved one being moved by a specially fitted vehicle, which guarantees that the deceased is taken care of properly and securely.

Once they arrive at the crematory, trained staff members will meticulously monitor your loved one’s body. An important element of this process is ensuring that a positive identification is made by the family member. We do this through our secure online Posi-ID portal on SimpleCremationOnline. The cremation process will then be monitored by one of our qualified, professional staff to confirm the validity of the remains that you will be receiving.

We want you to know that you are in good hands with Holman Funeral Home and SimpleCremationOnline. We are here to help you through every stage of your loved one’s final arrangements.

Ted Smith, Manager
(334) 569-5838
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Holman Funeral Home and Cremations

995 South Union Avenue
Ozark AL, 36360-2397
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