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Gary Panoch Funeral Home & Cremations, Boca Raton, FL

Gary Panoch Funeral Home & Cremations is the only remaining family-owned and operated funeral business in Boca Raton, Florida. All other, previously-operating, family, funeral businesses in town sold-out to large corporations, even if they retained the facade of their original name.

The Panoch family includes Gary, his wife Christine, and their four children, who are all boys. Boca Raton has been their home for over a decade. Two of the older Panoch boys, Kendrick and Caleb, work in the family business when they are not in school. Christine’s sister, Leslie Lauer Wilson, who has a Masters in Education, also works with the family.

Gary started his career in the funeral business over 25 years ago. He graduated from the University of South Florida with a B.A. degree. He continued his education by going to a school in Miami, which specializes in training for funeral services. He first worked for another funeral home to get experience. Then, in 2004, he started his own funeral home as a family business.

The Panoch family wanted to create a comfortable funeral services business that is reminiscent of those from times past when funeral homes were actually in real homes. Even though the Gary Panoch Funeral Home and Cremations facility is upscale and modern, it avoids having a cold, corporate-style environment. Instead, it feels like being in a fine home.

Gary Panoch Funeral Home & Cremations Works Well with SimpleCremationOnline

There is a close relationship between Gary Panoch Funeral Home & Cremations and SimpleCremationOnline.com that creates a supportive experience. This is comforting in a time of need. Making preparations for a funeral, especially one that includes cremation services, is a very personal thing.

All the arrangements can be conveniently handled online or by phone, along with as much in-person service as desired. The kindness, care, and attention to details, offered by the good folks at Gary Panoch Funeral Home & Cremations are wonderful. This welcomed support comes from decent and skilled professional people who have a big heart. Clients prefer this personalized attention when compared to over-priced funeral services from a big corporation that only truly cares about the investment returns for its shareholders.

Transparent Prices for the Services Offered

Gary Panoch Funeral Home & Cremations takes great pride in having open, honest pricing. There are no hidden fees for their comprehensive, package services. In fact, all the prices are published for easy review by any client. Total prices are published for the following packages:

  1. Basic cremation services;
  2. Cremation after a chapel or church service;
  3. Cremation after a memorial service, and;
  4. Cremation after a chapel or church service with time allowed for the viewing of the body in a serene setting.

The packages are inclusive of everything normally desired, with the exception of any special needs, such as having a customized urn made for the cremains. For those considering their own final arrangements or those making arrangements for a loved one, it is comforting to know exactly what the costs are going to be.

Gary Panoch Funeral Home & Cremations has a growing positive reputation and they are the ones to call for excellent, personalized services. Serving Boca Raton and the surrounding area. Call (561)997-8580 to get help with any of your funeral service needs or to make any pre-need arrangements.

Gary Panoch, Owner

(561) 220-5429
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Gary Panoch Funeral Home & Cremations

6140 N. Federal Highway
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