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Affordable Cremation Services Crawford County, GA

Welcome to SimpleCremationOnline.com. We’re here to help you make complete cremation arrangements from the comfort of your own home. That’s right, there’s no need to ever visit a funeral home, but rest assured, we are right here if you need us.

Fletcher-Day Funeral Home Georgia is a select service provider of SimpleCremationOnline.com, and we will oversee every step of your arrangements. It’s easy to get started. Just click the link below to answer a few short questions, and you’ll receive an instant cost estimate. You confirm your choices and then decide to pay now or later. It’s that simple.

We are also available to help you make special tribute or memorial arrangements and would welcome the opportunity to speak with you at any time. Please call us at (706) 956-5203.

We look forward to serving you.

Cremation Services Roberta, GA

Fletcher-Day Funeral Home is valued in the Crawford County region for its reputation of quality, sincerity, and trust. Dedicated to creating a healing experience for those who have lost a loved one, Fletcher-Day has been tending to families in their local community for decades. The oldest family-owned business in Crawford County, the Fletchers offer a long tradition of professional and caring service. The business is currently owned by the fourth generation of Fletchers and has been in operation since the late 19th century. The Fletchers stand by traditional values while utilizing the latest technologies and a state-of-the-art facility.

Roberta Direct Cremations

One of the communities proudly served by Fletcher-Day Funeral Home is Roberta. The quiet town of Roberta is located in Crawford Country and provides a great alternative to the crowds, congestion, and fast pace of big-city living. Roberta prides itself on clean air, no traffic, no hustle and bustle, and no maddening crowds. When you need to get away, this little piece of heaven in the heart of Georgia may be just what the doctor ordered.

The City of Macon is less than 20 miles down the road, meaning Roberta is in close proximity to all the amenities of big-city life. Warner Robins, Perry, and Forsyth are all about 30 miles away, making this rural paradise an easy and picturesque drive away from the city.

Visitors can take advantage of the laid-back pace to enjoy some hunting or fishing, or they can visit historical sites. Come for a visit, and you just might be tempted to call it home. Roberta is a great place to raise a family, with tight knit neighborhoods, caring schools, a safe and clean environment, and some of the sweetest peaches found anywhere.

Roberta’s history began as a small community providing services for tourists coming through on the railroad. As the railroad was discontinued and highways were built, Roberta settled into being a quiet, family-oriented town full of Southern charm. Roberta features several buildings registered with the National Register of Historic Places and 19 sites registered with the State Archaeological Office, including an Indian Agency Reserve and the burial site of Benjamin Hawkins, an Indian Agent who served from 1794 to 1816.

Visitors may be interested in the Museum of Southeastern Indians and Farm Museum, which displays Native American pottery, artifacts, and antique farming equipment. There are also historical barns and a petting zoo on-site. Visitors can see a fully restored 1962 Seaboard Coastline caboose in the downtown area near the railroad depot. The caboose holds a history of the town’s railroad heritage and a memorial to Southern Railroad employees. Also downtown is the Benjamin Hawkins monument, which was originally erected in 1931.

Crawford County Cremation

One of the many services offered by Fletcher-Day Funeral Home is cremation. Cremation is a process by which the remains of the deceased are rendered to a fine powder. Cremation is associated with lower overall costs. Some funeral related costs include burial, headstone, and embalming. These are not required when cremation is chosen. If expense is of significant concern, funeral services can be avoided entirely and direct cremation can be performed. However, when choosing cremation, it is possible to have a traditional funeral service with viewing, if so desired.

Cremation has also grown in popularity due to environmental concerns. Some of the resources required for traditional burial, such as concrete, wood, metal, fabrics, and embalming fluid are not needed for cremation and so can preserved. Burial is also not needed, freeing up additional green space that would otherwise be used.

Cremation may be an excellent choice for many as we transition into being a more mobile society. People move across states and to other regions more so today than ever. The idea of leaving a loved one behind in a cemetery with no one to care for the grave can be a troubling notion. Because the cremated remains of a loved one can be retained in an urn, many people like the idea of being able to take their loved one with them wherever life’s journey may take them.

Cremation is performed in a strictly regulated environment and in a tightly controlled process. This ensures that cremated remains are never misidentified, that each cremation is individual, that cremations are properly witnessed (including by family members, if they wish), and that the deceased is treated with dignity and respect at all times.

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