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E. J. Fielding Funeral Home, Covington, LA

E. J. Fielding Funeral Home, located in Covington, Louisiana, has provided comfort and quality care to the community since its founding in 1992. Other parishes in E. J. Fielding Funeral Home’s service area include Jefferson, Livingston, Orleans, St. Bernard, St. Tammany, Tangipahoa and Washington. Forty-five years of experience in its CEO, Edward J. Fielding, coupled with the knowledgeable, expert care of its certified staff, and it’s easy to see why E. J. Fielding is an excellent choice for all preplanning, funeral, memorial, cremation, burial and tribute services.

Edward J. Fielding is a fifth-generation funeral director, and the Fielding family has provided funeral care to St. Tammany Parish since 1927. Mr. Fielding has been awarded the prestigious title of Certified Funeral Service Practitioner, as well as being a past President of the Louisiana State Funeral Directors Association (LFDA). Edward J. Fielding and his family have lived in Covington for many years, and have a strong connection to the community. Cremation Certified Benjamin Fielding, Funeral Director and Embalmer, is a member of both the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) and the LFDA.

Cremation can be a good choice for both the pocketbook and the land, and E. J. Fielding Funeral Home offers full services for this option. A memorial service can be arranged, with or without the remains present, and then decisions can be made regarding the disposition of the remains through burial, retention in an urn or a keepsake, or more personalized options. E. J. Fielding Funeral Home offers a wide range of urns including bronze, marble, porcelain in many colors, beautiful exotic woods, and much more. Keepsakes range from small jars and tiny boxes to vials that can be worn as necklaces.

Cremation Services Provided by E. J. Fielding Funeral Home

The death of a loved one can be a very trying experience and knowing what to do after death can be a confusing process. E. J. Fielding Funeral Home works with SimpleCremationOnline in order to help remove the confusion and the stress of taking care of your loved one’s final arrangements. Using SimpleCremationOnline you can make choices from the comfort of home with the support of your family, secure in the knowledge that your deceased loved one will be cared for from the moment of pick up until the cremation process is complete.

Staff will arrive dressed in a professional manner and will ensure that your loved one is treated with the respect and courtesy that they deserve. The body is transferred in a vehicle that is fitted with a platform allowing for proper transfer and care. The vehicle is always locked and secure to protect your loved one through the transfer process. A staff member also tracks your loved one from arrival at the designated crematory through to the end.

Security is of utmost concern to our families, and SimpleCremationOnline allows the family to make a positive identification online using our secure Posi-ID Portal. After the final identification is made, a staff member attends and witnesses the beginning of the cremation process so you can be confident you will be receiving your loved one’s remains.

With E. J. Fielding Funeral Home and SimpleCremationOnline, you will be supported and personally cared for through the entire arrangement process.

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E. J. Fielding Funeral Home, Inc.

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