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Baker-Hazel & Snider Funeral Home

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Baker-Hazel & Snider Funeral Home, Dayton, OH

Baker-Hazel & Snider Funeral Home is a full-service funeral and cremation provider for the Dayton, Ohio area and surrounding locations. It is a family owned and operated business that dates back to 1941. The staff is available for calls at any time

The funeral home has a twenty-four-hour emergency hotline to ensure they meet all the needs of the community, no matter when they are needed. They are able to accommodate any and all of your requirements on very short notice, they have state-of-the-art facilities, and support the community in all they do. They have an outstanding reputation in the area for quality service, support, and professionalism.

Complete Cremation Services

Baker-Hazel & Snider Funeral Home perform all cremations onsite at their facility, which affords them complete control of the process. They offer many options for bereaved families with respect to the remains, such as storing the remains on-site, distributing the remains at a nearby beautiful location, or honoring the loved one in any other way you see fit. They are committed to supporting the community and offer many flexible and unique options that may not commonly be found at a funeral home.

When going through a difficult time such as the loss of a family member or friend, it can be comforting to know that you aren’t by yourself. When dealing with the death of a loved one, many of the requirements can seem to be overwhelming. Direct cremation is often the best solution, as it simplifies proceedings, as well as making them more affordable.

Working alongside SimpleCremationOnline.com, Baker-Hazel & Snider Funeral Home provides quick and efficient service when looking after your loved ones. Upon arrival, the staff of skilled professionals, dressed in respectful attire, transport your loved one from the place of death to the Baker-Hazel & Snider Funeral Home’s crematory. Staff members are committed to overseeing your loved one’s security through the entire procedure. Unlike some other services, we empathize with your concerns and we are devoted to putting your mind at ease throughout this entire process.

For those who would like to grieve in peace, using SimpleCremationOnline.com provides the convenience of making all arrangements from your own home. Using our secure online Posi-ID Portal, you can make a positive identification of your loved one before cremation, saving you the trouble of having to go in person and perform this difficult duty. Baker-Hazel & Snider Funeral Home and SimpleCremationOnline.com take practical steps to ensure the quality of service is of the highest standard, every step of the way.

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Baker-Hazel & Snider Funeral Home

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