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Affordable Cremation Services Houston County AL

Welcome to SimpleCremationOnline.com. We’re here to help you make complete cremation arrangements from the comfort of your own home. That’s right, there’s no need to ever visit a funeral home, but rest assured, we are right here if you need us.

Holman Funeral Home is a select service provider of SimpleCremationOnline.com, and we will oversee every step of your arrangements. It’s easy to get started. Just click the link below to answer a few short questions, and you’ll receive an instant cost estimate. You confirm your choices and then decide to pay now or later. It’s that simple.

We are also available to help you make special tribute or memorial arrangements and would welcome the opportunity to speak with you at any time. Please call us at (334) 569-5838.

We look forward to serving you.

Cremation Services Dothan, Cowarts and Kinsey, AL

Holman Funeral Home, located in Dale, AL, has been serving the residents of Houston County since 1929. For the past 87 years, the professionals at Holman Funeral Home have been guiding grieving families with customized and affordable cremation, funeral, and memorial services for their loved ones.

For families who wish to have a full funeral service, a service can be followed by the cremation, while those who are looking for an affordable option can choose direct cremation. Direct cremation avoids the cost of embalming and viewing, as the body is cremated immediately. After the cremation, a memorial for the deceased can take place. The urn holding your loved one’s remains can be retained by the family or buried in or near a loved one’s grave. Another option for cremation remains is to scatter the ashes on private property or in a location of significance to the deceased, pending state law on ash scattering.

Loved ones who are to be cremated at Holman Funeral Home are always in the safety custody of funeral home professionals. This reduces the chance for ashes to be mixed up or lost when changing hands. A system of keeping each loved one documented ensures comfort for the family. You know the cremation process is being done according to regulations by trained professionals.

Dothan Cremation

One of the metropolitan areas serviced by Holman Funeral Home, Dothan is considered the seat of Houston County. Dothan is named from the quote in Genesis 37:17, “let us go to Dothan.” With nearly 25% of the U.S. peanut crop processed in Dothan, Dothan is home to the National Peanut Festival. Dothan is known to locals as ‘Circle City’ because of the large circle in the center of the city. A slew of retail stores in the circle, known as ‘Shops on the Circle,’ have made Dothan the main source of employment in the region.

Cowarts Cremation Service Providers

Cowarts, with a population of 1,546, is on the outskirts of Dothan. Near Cowarts lies Webb and the small town of Avon with a population under 500. Also nearby is Ashford, which was known for growing cotton, harvesting pulpwood, and producing for the naval stores.

Near Cowarts lies the Choctawhatchee Bridge, which residents say is haunted! Southern soldier Bill Sketoe was hung from the bridge. The rope used to hang him was too short, so a hole was dug underneath him so he would slowly strangle to death. Whenever the hole was filled up after his death, the hole would empty overnight. The hole was known as Bill Sketoe’s Hole. Finally, in the 90s, the hole filled up with rocks because of flooding, and it has stayed filled since. There are many reasons believed by Cowarts residents as to why he was hung in the first place.

Cremations in Kinsey

This transportation hub, named after postmaster Eliza Kinsey, obtains their own water from a well in the center of the town. The motto here is, ‘Kinsey, Quality on Tap!’ This quiet town grows peanuts and cotton. There is a footprint of industry in Kinsey, including Michelin Tire, Sony, Pemco Aircraft, and General Electric. Kinsey is also home to many entrepreneurs.

Webb Cremations

Webb, a small town named after its founder, was born when, at the end of the Civil War, Benjamin Franklin Webb donated 110,000 acres of land. The Central of Georgia railway was built through the piece of land, later providing rail service to the residents. A rail depot was built in the center of the town. This rail depot has since become a park, after the depot burned down in the 1900s. In 1903, Webb donated another small plot of land to the town that he had he used as a cornfield. This plot of land became the Webb Cemetery.

Other towns served by Holman Funeral Home include Hodgesville, Grimes, Kelly Springs, Rehobeth, Taylor, Columbia, Haleburg, Cottonwood, Madrid, Gordon, Grangeberg, and Pansey.

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