Frequently Asked Questions

A: SimpleCremationOnline provides low cost cremation services through a network of carefully selected local Cremation Service Providers and crematoriums across the United States.

SimpleCremationOnline Service Providers have been thoroughly pre-screened and have committed to upholding all of these standards as a requirement of their membership in our network:
  • Only highly trained, caring, and properly dressed staff will be sent to make the transfer of your loved one from his or her place of death. Professionalism starts at the very beginning, whether or not your family is present during the transfer.

  • Secure transfer vehicles will be kept in excellent condition. The vehicles our Service Providers use to transfer your loved one from the place of death and bring him or her to the crematory are perfectly maintained and fitted with unique platforms to ensure proper care and security.

  • Your Service Provider will maintain a secure holding space. It is your Service Provider's policy to treat your loved one with the utmost care. Once in the care of your Service Provider, your loved one is kept in a locked area accessible only to certain authorized funeral home staff.

  • Your Service Provider will require a positive identification to be made by your family prior to cremation. To provide you with complete peace of mind, your Service Provider will require your family to make a positive identification of the individual in their care prior to the cremation. This step is completed using our secure online Posi-ID Portal™ from the privacy of your own home. The cremation will take place only after a positive identification has been made.
A: Cremation is the process of subjecting human remains to intense heat and flame, approximately 1600 to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, until they have been almost totally consumed. With its origins dating as early as the Stone Age, cremation continues to gain popularity worldwide as a method of disposition.

Unless a decedent has been embalmed, their remains are kept refrigerated until cremation. Common sense, dignity, and health concerns require that the remains be placed in an opaque container. This can range from a very basic cardboard box to an elaborate wooden casket, depending on the family’s preference. Since the container is also consumed during the cremation process, it cannot be made of non-flammable substances or materials that emit toxic fumes on burning.

The remains, inside the cremation container, are placed into the retort (cremation chamber) and subjected to intense gas flame. It usually takes 45-60 minutes for the remains to be consumed, and for safety reasons the chamber is cooled for several hours before opening.

At the end of the process the remains are swept carefully from the chamber. While sweeping is done with great care, small quantities of the remains may be left behind in the chamber and small quantities from previous cremations may be mingled with the current remains. Any remaining metal parts of the cremation container, metal medical prostheses, or other foreign objects are removed. This leaves about 6 to 8 pounds of bone fragments, which are mechanically reduced to a volume of about 200 cubic inches and the texture of coarse beach sand.

The cremated remains are either placed directly into the memorial urn of the family’s choice or into a “temporary urn” which is typically made of hard plastic, cardboard, or sometimes both.

A: “Direct Cremation” is a term used to describe a cremation that takes place before any funeral services or celebrations of life. Direct cremations are gaining popularity among families who prefer to schedule a memorial at a later date, particularly if timing and logistics are a concern. The individual’s cremated remains (ashes) are typically present during memorial services rather than their body.

A: This is by far the most common concern expressed about cremation, and for very good reason. SimpleCremationOnline Service Providers go the extra mile to make sure that the person they have in their care and have then cremated is indeed the right person.

The identification process begins at the time the decedent is transferred from their place of death. Any identifying tags are checked and the Service Provider affixes additional identification on each decedent when brought into their care. If a family member is not present at the time of the transfer, we will have at least one family member use our trade-marked Posi-ID™ software via a secure link to verify we have the right person. We want you to have peace of mind throughout this process.

Making sure we have the right person is not enough. It is important to be sure the crematory does their job as well. SimpleCremationOnline Service Providers ensure that their staff or their crematory providers are following an agreed process of identification, cremation and delivery of cremains. Your loved one is in excellent hands.

A: Customers can select options and view the cremation cost as they prepare their arrangement in our online shopping cart. The price for all fees and taxes is automatically calculated, so you can see exactly how much your cremation will cost. Prices vary per Cremation Service Provider location.

A: While there are many considerations and options for both burial and cremation services that can affect the total cost of an arrangement, the average cost of cremation services is typically significantly less than most burial options.

A: SimpleCremationOnline makes it easy to find a reliable low cost cremation provider in your area. Just CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED

Our streamlined cremation service allows you to handle the entire arrangement process online while working directly with a certified local Cremation Service Provider in your area.
A: SimpleCremationOnline provides a convenient platform for managing cremation services through our website. This replaces tedious paperwork with electronic data collection, and streamlines the cremation arrangement process for both customers and cremation service providers.

With transparent cremation prices shown to you for various options offered by your Cremation Service Provider, you can custom tailor an arrangement to suit your preferences and budget.