How do I find cremation services near me?

Many are choosing a simple cremation over a much more costly traditional funeral because of the enormous savings. A cheap cremation is available in some areas for only around $600. In other areas, the cost for cremation can run up to $3,000. Nevertheless, when this amount is compared to the cost of a traditional funeral with a casket burial the savings can be anywhere from $8,000 to $10,000 because the average funeral cost is around $11,000.

Besides the cost savings, there are many advantages for a low-cost cremation that include easier scheduling for the memorial service and being able to have a service in a convenient location. You also get to choose whether to keep the cremains in a decorative urn or take them to a special location to spread them around.

These advantages are why cremation has become the preferred choice of over 40% of Americans and why the percentage of those choosing a low-cost cremation is increasing.

Compare Cremation Services has a convenient list of crematorium locations at This system makes it easy to find affordable cremation services near you.

The least expensive cremation method is called direct cremation. For these services, the body is taken directly to the crematorium soon after death, prior to any funeral or memorial service. There is no need to involve a funeral director or pay for any funeral home staff and services. There is no embalming of the body necessary or getting the body ready for an open casket viewing. Having a funeral or memorial service is optional but not required.

This creates significant savings because the crematorium staff handles the affairs, which are much simpler. They take care of the body transfer, handle the proper paperwork, and then return the cremains to the surviving family members or the person in charge of the deceased affairs.

How do I find a crematorium near me?

Using makes it easy to compare providers in your area. Select the services you want and you will get an immediate quote displayed on the web page. There is no need to talk with a salesperson or even give your email address.

This service is very useful for those pre-planning their final affairs. By simply answering a few questions and making a few choices you can see all the cremation prices. This helps everyone understand exactly the costs involved. With this information, you can make your final wishes clearly known in a will. You can pay for these services so that the financial burden is taken away from surviving family members and friends.

Cremation Urns

Besides the basic cremation cost, you may want to have an urn to hold the cremains. The cost of an urn is around $50 to $300. If the budget is tight, then consider using any other container that you can get for a cheaper price, such as a nice ceramic vase with a top or a beautiful jar. You can also get creative and use something that reminds you of a favorite thing such as a nice empty liquor bottle, a jewelry box, or even place the cremains underneath a favorite potted plant. There really is no reason to limit your choices about this. Be as creative as you like. This freedom of expression is another great reason to choose cremation.