Important Information About Mailing The Cremated Remains of Your Loved Ones

There has recently been a significant change in the way that the United States Postal Service handles mailing cremated remains within the US. Cremated remains were typically shipped via Registered mail, and the package would be scanned at each sorting facility it went through before reaching its destination.

Now, all cremated remains will be classified as Priority Mail Express. In fact, you no longer have the option to ship them as Registered Mail. What this means to you is that they are treated the same as every other package. You are still given a tracking number that you can give to the recipient, but it will only be scanned three times: when it leaves the original post office, when it reaches its destination, and once more when it is delivered.

It is also important to note that if the recipient does not claim the package within two weeks, the remains will be returned to the sender.

We consider this important information because offers the mailing of cremated remains as a standard service. We work closely with the crematory to ensure that the cremated remains are mailed from their facility to you. We also understand that sometimes your family will wish to avoid traveling with or handling the remains, so we will ship to another location instead. Right now the United States Postal Service is the only carrier that you can use to deliver cremated remains.

The USPS has not changed the way that they ship remains internationally, which is also a service that we offer.

Have you ever used the postal service to receive or send cremated remains? How was your experience?

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