What is the Posi-ID Portal and why is it only available through SimpleCremationOnline.com?

If you were to ask someone what their biggest concern is about cremation they would likely tell you it is a fear they might not receive the correct ashes. This is a problem that has been highlighted in the media, so it’s understandably a legitimate concern for family members.

At SimpleCremationOnline, it is our mission to remove any fears about the cremation process and ensure the highest level of comfort and security.

You may find this hard to believe, but currently it’s legally required for the family to identify a body before cremation in only 35 of the 50 states. Many funeral homes rely heavily on good faith that the person they have is the person to be cremated. They may be lazy, it may be a logistical issue, or perhaps they don’t believe they could be wrong. Whatever the reason, SimpleCremationOnline.com does not tolerate such a system and, in fact, has trademarked an identification process to give you 100% confidence in the remains you receive.

We require you to identify your loved one before cremation, rather than just giving you the chance to do so. This is a non-negotiable policy of ours. We refuse to do a cremation unless the family has positively identified the remains. We believe that this peace of mind is worth it, and our families, as well as our reputable Cremation Service Providers, agree with us.

This is why we have created the Posi-ID Portal™ on our website. The Posi-ID Portal™ gives you and your family the ability to identify your loved one in the privacy and security of your own home. When your loved one enters the care of the Service Provider, they are photographed. We never send you the picture through email or a text message as we don’t feel this is a secure process. The picture is instead uploaded to the Portal and you are sent the information to log in. This allows you to access the Portal, view the photograph, and then identify the body all in one secure place at one time. Overall it takes only five minutes to do, and this highly secure, private process is provided at no extra cost. Once you identify the body, the picture is deleted and the account information becomes invalid. We believe that this method provides the most safety and security, and the families we have worked with have found this unique service to be of great value and comfort to them.

We’d love to know what you think. Do you agree that family identification should be the standard? Have you ever had or read about a negative experience with a cremation or funeral that could have been avoided?