About SimpleCremationOnline

About SimpleCremationOnline.com

SimpleCremationOnline provides a convenient, low cost cremation service can be completed entirely from the comfort of your own home. We connect you directly with a local Cremation Service Provider near you, and you can see cremation cost options as you complete your order. Live support is provided as needed to ensure you have a smooth experience in handing your cremation service.
  • Our network of Cremation Service Providers are certified crematoriums that have met rigorous performance requirements in order to participate in our programs. They are committed to providing dedicated support to you as you select your options for cremation and complete the related forms online.
  • Data collected by SimpleCremationOnline is secure and private. We will never sell or distribute your information for marketing or solicitation purposes.
  • Affordable and Reliable Our low cost cremation services provide cost benefits to customers and Cremation Service Providers by streamlining and digitizing the process of arranging a cremation through a secure, online platform. This reduces the overall cost of a cremation service.

About Our Cremation Service Providers

SimpleCremationOnline Service Providers have been thoroughly pre-screened and have committed to upholding all of these standards as a requirement of their membership in our network:
  • Only highly trained, caring, and properly dressed staff will be sent to make the transfer of your loved one from his or her place of death. Professionalism starts at the very beginning, whether or not your family is present during the transfer.
  • Secure transfer vehicles will be kept in excellent condition. The vehicles our Service Providers use to transfer your loved one from the place of death and bring him or her to the crematory are perfectly maintained and fitted with unique platforms to ensure proper care and security.
  • Your Service Provider will maintain a secure holding space. It is your Service Provider's policy to treat your loved one with the utmost care. Once in the care of your Service Provider, your loved one is kept in a locked area accessible only to certain authorized funeral home staff.
  • Your Service Provider will require a positive identification to be made by your family prior to cremation. To provide you with complete peace of mind, your Service Provider will require your family to make a positive identification of the individual in their care prior to the cremation. This step is completed using our secure online Posi-ID Portal™ from the privacy of your own home.

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SimpleCremationOnline is a simple and affordable cremation arrangement service providing 24/7 support provided by the best funeral homes in the country – locally - right where you need them to be.

Get a low cost cremation online with local experts you can trust.

Just follow these four simple steps;

  1. You provide the location of the deceased.
  2. We connect you with a reputable Cremation Service Provider in that area.
  3. You answer a few simple questions and we provide detailed cremation costs as you complete your order.
  4. You confirm your choices, pay online and all paperwork is filed electronically.